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Corporate Governance

Weekly Gendai Business
Weekly Gendai Business

Sekisui House "land fraud incident” became a major issue in the U.S.!

CNA Insider

How Olympus was almost brought down by one of the worst corporate scandals. When its CEO learnt of its ļ¬nancial losses, he went on a collision course with the board. Inside the Storm looks at what went wrong and how Olympus recovered.

Nikkei Review

Japanese homebuilder Sekisui House insists it has been honest about a number of embarrassing situations that have recently plagued the company.

Weekly Gendai Business

The reasons for the Inside Police began to whisper the "Betrayer 's Theory" in Sekisui House's land fraud group Case.

Japan Business 

Sekisui House leadership violates “good manager’s duty of care”.


Vice Chairman Strongly Refutes Nikkei Shimbun’s Article on Dismissal of Chairman. Analyzing the Replacement Drama of an Able Chairman.


Sekisui House Case - Shocking "Sealed Report"
Truth behind what should not happen in the ordinary course of business that the company has been refusing to release.


Examine the mysterious fraudulent landlord incident with Investigation Report.