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Candidate No. 1

Christopher Douglas Brady

New External Independent

DOB: October 12, 1954

Number of Shares Owned: 0 shares

Special Interests: None


Career Summary:

1977 Campaign manage/aide for Congresswoman Millicent Fenwick

1979 New Jersey State campaign manager, George H.W. Bush for President

1981 Vice President, Corporate Finance, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

1987 Vice President, Capital Markets, Dillion, Read & Co., Inc.

1995 Chairman & CEO, Chart Group, L.P. and Chart National L.P. (current)


Significant Concurrent Posts: Chairman & CEO, Chart Group, L.P. and Chart National, L.P.


Reason for Election at External Director

Christopher Douglas Brady has gained a high level of experience and knowledge in national defense, security, risk management, and prevention of money laundering throughout his career. In 2019, he conducted an exchange of opinions related to corporate governance with Japanese institutional investors at the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren). Based on our judgment that he could use this diverse range of experiences and knowledge in the supervision of our business, and appropriately carry out the office of external director from an objective position, in order to create strong corporate governance, that secures the transparency of business and does not condone impropriety, he has been selected as a candidate for this position. Note that this candidate is located in the United States of America, but he is aware that if elected a Director of the Company, he will fundamentally be able to attend all Board of Directors meetings and his intention is to fulfill his duties as a Director of the Company.


Matters concerning independence

He satisfies the requirements for independent directors prescribed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. and the “Independence standards for external directors” prescribed by the Company.

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