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Our objective is to resolve current Sekisui House problems, and aim to continually improve shareholder value.

1. Implement 3 elements of global-standard management

✓ Solid “governance” that doesn’t allow fraud or misappropriation

✓ Proactive ”compliance” that responds to the demands of society

✓ ”Accountability” based on facts for all stakeholders

2. Create a foundation for continual growth

✓ Genuine “ESG(Environment, Social, and Governance)” management

✓ Distribution of managerial resources based on shareholders’ viewpoints

✓ Delegate significant authority to operating officers who are not directors

3. Manage by looking after people (staff, partner companies and customers)

✓ Cultivate a “feeling of trust” in which there is mutual respect; Re-build corporate culture

✓ Restore an “environment in which matters can be freely spoken about”

✓ Take an approach that prioritizes places where actual work is carried out

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