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Candidate No. 10

Koji Yamada


DOB: February 12, 1968

Number of shares owned: 0 shares

Special interests: None


Career Summary:

1991 Joined Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

2000 Joined Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.

2006 Joined Deutsche Securities, Inc.

2008 Joined BNP Paribas Japan

2012 Joined North America Sekisui House, LLC

2016 President and COO, North America Sekisui House, LLC

2019 CEO. North America Sekisui House, LLC


Significant Concurrent Posts:


Reason for Election at Director

Koji Yamada joined the Company’s US entity in 2012 and has subsequently been the person responsible for the entity. At this corporation, he utilized his abundant experience previously gained in the finance sector and played a central role in expanding the Company’s US business, leading the Company’s international business on the front line. In addition, he contributed to the appropriate promotion of business based on US standards of compliance and corporate governance. Given such performance and experience, we believe he is vital for promoting the Company’s US business and have therefore nominated him as a candidate.

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