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Candidate No. 11

Isami Wada 


DOB: April 29, 1941

Number of shares owned: 203,435shares

Special interests: None


Career Summary:

1965 Joined Sekisui House, Ltd.

1990 Director, Sekisui House, Ltd.

1994 Managing Director, Sekisui House, Ltd.

1996 Senior Managing Director, Sekisui House, Ltd.

1998 President & Representative Director, Sekisui House, Ltd.

2008 Chairman & Representative Director and CEO, Sekisui House, Ltd.

2018 Director Executive Advisor, Sekisui House, Ltd.

Retired as Director, Sekisui House, Ltd. (April 2018)


Significant Concurrent Posts:



Reason for Election at Director

Isami Wada, who is the proponent of this resolution, demonstrated firm leadership at Sekisui House, Ltd. up until 2018 and substantially grew the Company’s corporate value while adhering to a compliance and corporate governance focus. At the time of the so-called “land fraud incident“ in 2017, he established the Committee for Inspection and Countermeasures due to his suspicions that the incident was caused by the illicit transaction conducted by the current management. He proposed that the Investigation Report submitted by the Committee be immediately disclosed to the public. As a result of having proposed to take measures such as the dismissal of Mr. Abe, who was recognized to be “heavily responsible” by the Investigation Report, however, he was forced to leave the Company. He is concerned  the Company’s current distress and stand up for winning back the trust of society and for building an environment where each individual employee can work with pride. If elected as a Director of the Company, Isami Wada will conduct a thorough investigation of the “illicit transaction” through an independent investigation committee, establish a compliance structure, ensure management transparency and implement corporate governance reforms within one year.

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