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Candidate No. 2

Pamela Fennell Jacobs

New External Independent

DOB: November 4, 1960

Number of shares owned:  0 shares

Special interests: None


Career Summary:

1996 Regional Sales Manager, Investment Advisor, SEI Investments

2001 Founder, PFJ Consulting

2016 Consultant, Envestnet, Inc.

2019 Spouting Rock Asset Management , Chief Sustainability Officer (Current)


Significant Concurrent Posts:

Chief Sustainability Officer, Spouting Rock Asset Management

Reason for Election at External Director

 Pamela Fennell Jacobs has been engaged in activities that prioritize ESG (environment, society, and governance) goals, consulting work, and lecture activities for listed companies as a specialist in ESG. We believe she could use her wide range of experience and knowledge to establish us as a genuine leading ESG company and carry out the office of external director from an objective position, therefore she has been selected as a candidate for this position. Note that this candidate is located in the United States of America, but she is aware that if elected a Director of the Company, she will fundamentally be able to attend all Board of Directors meetings and her intention is to fulfill her duties as a Director of the Company.

Matters Concerning independence

She satisfies the requirements for independent directors prescribed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. and the “Independence standards for external directors” prescribed by the Company.

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