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Candidate No. 3

Yasushi Okada

New External Independent

DOB: June 24 1942

Number of shares owned: 0 shares

Special interests: None


Career Summary:

1967 Joined The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, and held several prominent positions including Deputy Director, Research Department and Director, Business Development Director (resigned from the bank in 1994)During his career in the bank, he assigned to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and Ministry of Finance (MoF) 1994 President, Regional Business Development Institute (current) Professor, Faculty of Commerce, University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences

2001 Director, Faculty of Service Distribution Science Industries, University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences

2006 Professor, the Graduate School of Business Administration, Osaka Sangyo University

2009 Dean, Faculty of Economics, Tokyo Seitoku University

2017 Director, Research Institute for Reginal Revitalization, Tokyo Seitoku University

2019 Emeritus Professor, Tokyo Seitoku University (Current)


Significant Concurrent Posts:

President, Regional Business Development Institute


Reason for Election at External Director

Yasushi Okada, after working in financial institutions for many years, has been involved in research and educational activities on Japanese industrial structures and corporate management in several educational institutions, and has written various works related to economics and management, based on his extensive knowledge as the President of Regional Business Development Institute (approved by the former Ministry of Home Affairs). As it is judged the he would be able to use this high level and broad experience in scholarship to provide advice and proposals to secure the transparency of business and enhance supervisory functions for business, he has been selected as a candidate for this position. He has not been involved in the management of a company other than as an external director and external audit & supervisory board member, but for the above reasons, we believe he will appropriately fulfill his duties as an external director. Note that he is aware that if elected a Director of the Company, he will basically be able to attend all Board of Directors meetings and his intention is to fulfill his duties as a Director of the Company.


Items related to independence

He satisfies the requirements for independent directors prescribed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. and the “Independence standards for external directors” prescribed by the Company.

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