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Candidate No. 5

Jiro Iwasaki

New External Independent

DOB: December 6, 1945

Number of shares owned: 0 shares

Special interests: None


Career Summary:

1974 Joined TDK Electronics Co., Ltd. (now, TDK Corporation) 1996 Director, General Manager of Human Resources, TDK Corporation

1998 Director & Senior Vice President, Executive Officer of Recording Media & Solutions Business Group, TDK Corporation

2006 Director & Executive Vice President, General Manager of Administration Group, TDK Corporation 2008 External Audit & Supervisory Board Member of GCA Savvian Corporation (now, GCA Corporation)GCA

2009 Director & Senior Vice President & Executive Officer, Strategic Human Resources & Administration Division, JVC KENWOOD Holdings Inc. (now, JVC KENWOOD Corporation)

2011 External Audit & Supervisory Board Member, SBS Holdings, Inc. Professor at Teikyo University, Faculty of Economics/Department of Business Administration

2015 External Director of SBS Holdings, Inc. (Current) 2016 External Director and Full-time Audit & Supervisory Board Member, GCA Savvian Corporation (now, GCA Corporation) (Current) External Director, Renesas Electronics Corporation (Current)


Significant Concurrent Posts:

External Director SBS Holdings, Inc.

External Director and Full-time Audit & Supervisory Board Member, GCA Corporation

External Director, Renesas Electronics Corporation


Reason for election as External Director

Jiro Iwasaki has abundant management experience in various business areas such as with an electrical components manufacturer and as an external director in the transportation and warehousing business and consulting. He has also worked as a university professor. Since we can expect him to have management supervision and checking capabilities based on the perspective he has gained from the experiences and prestige through such roles. We believe he is qualified and therefore we have nominated him as a candidate. Note that he is aware that if elected a Director of the Company, he will fundamentally be able to attend all Board of Directors meetings and his intention is to fulfill his duties as a Director of the Company.


Matters concerning independence

He satisfies the requirements for independent directors prescribed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. and the “Independence standards for external directors” prescribed by the Company.

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