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Candidate No. 6

Makoto Saito

New External Independent

DOB: January 30, 1946

Number of shares owned: 100 shares

Special interests: None


Career Summary:

1978 Registered as an attorney (Tokyo Bar Association)

2000 External Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Neturen Co., Ltd.

2002 Established Legal Professional Corporation Saito Law Office, Representative Attorney (Current) 2007 External Director, Neturen Co., Ltd. (Retired 2014)

2011 Supervisor, Japan Association for Women’s Education (Current)

2018 Member of the Bidding Oversight Committee, Japan Sports Council (Current)


Significant Concurrent Posts:

Representative Attorney, Legal Professional Corporation Saito Law Office


Reason for election as External Director

Makoto Saito has been engaged in a wide range of works as a lawyer. In particular, he has been involved in corporate legal affairs based on his experience as an external director, in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and compliance as head of the project team for CSR and internal controls at the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA) as well as involvement in business and human rights issues. In addition, he took the lead in drafting the JFBA’s Guideline for Independent Committees relating to Company Scandals and has been active as a member of the Committee for Rating Third Party Committee Reports. We believe he will be able to utilize his expertise from such abundant experience to appropriately fulfil his duties as an external director from an objective standpoint and have therefore nominated him as a candidate. He has not been involved in the management of a company other than as an external director and external audit & supervisory board member, but for the above reasons, we believe he will appropriately fulfill his duties as an external director. Note that he is aware that if elected a Director of the Company, he will fundamentally be able to attend all Board of Directors meetings and his intention is to fulfill his duties as a Director of the Company.


Matters concerning independence

He satisfies the requirements for independent directors prescribed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. and the “Independence standards for external directors” prescribed by the Company. 

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