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Fumiyasu Suguro

Shareholder making the Shareholder Proposal

April 20, 2020

Request to All Shareholders


To all Sekisui House Shareholders

I am writing to ask you an important request.

For the sake of your own safety and the general public’s protection from the COVID-19 pandemic, I ask that you do not attend the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (“Meeting”) on April 23, 2020.  This meeting is unfortunately ironic because holding such a meeting presents the three C’s of how the virus spreads: Confined spaces, Crowded places, and Close contact with people.  If you were planning on attending the Meeting to exercise your voting rights, please refer to our document posted on on voting instructions.  There you will find details on how to vote for us via mail or Internet.

I made a request at today’s extraordinary board meeting that the Meeting be postponed for health and safety reasons.  Since Sekisui House wanted to keep the record date, I presented a solution to it of passing a resolution for the postponement at the Meeting so deliberations can be carried over to the next session.  I argued repeatedly that they should avoid risks associated with holding the Meeting in the specific conditions proposed by the company.  I even told them that it would lead to the responsibility of Chairman Abe, who is the convener of the Meeting, in the event of a mass infection of COVID-19 at the Meeting.

Unfortunately, my request for postponing the Meeting without interfering the shareholders’ rights was rejected by all the directors except me.  I could not prevail under majority rule.

All I can do now is ask that all the shareholders not attend the Meeting on April 23, 2020.  Please put your own safety first by staying home. And please show your support for us by voting via mail or Internet.   Please read the Notice on the Meeting provided by the company, and I would ask once again that you exercise your voting rights in one of the alternative methods presented in our voting instructions document beside attending the Meeting.


Fumiyasu Suguro

Shareholder making the Shareholder Proposal

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